Marine & Offshore Restoration

Marine & Offshore Restoration Services

One needs specific knowledge, skills, and competence to work in the maritime and offshore industries. World Construction has been in charge of preventing losses in the marine industry both on and offshore for more than 35 years. For the recovery services we provide following maritime flooding, fires, salvage operations, preservation initiatives, technical reconditioning, and condition-based maintenance, we have a solid reputation in the industry.
Some of our clientele include ship owners and operators, insurers, surveyors, salvage companies, shipyards, port authorities, manufacturers, and suppliers.
If a ship is damaged by fire, water, natural disasters, or accident, acting quickly is essential to avoid additional delays or cargo failures. Teams from World Construction Marine are quickly dispatched as a “storm-tested” refurbishment partner to minimize business interruptions.

Answering The SOS Call

A project manager with experience will depart as soon as we receive your “SOS call” in order to reach your ship as soon as feasible. They assess the damage, assign a priority to it, and, after discussing with the affected parties, quickly implement emergency actions in an effort to reduce or prevent service interruptions and future harm.
They will normally coordinate and communicate with everyone involved in the damage, including the ship’s crew and the insurance provider, at the same time.

We provide a wide range of services, such as:

  • Thermographic Inspection
  • Contamination Level Assessment
  • HCL Testing
  • Corrosion Control 
  • Machinery and Electronics Restoration
  • Generator Cleaning
  • Inventory of Hazardous Materials

Neutralization and Decontamination

When coupled with extinguishing water, particularly salt water, plastics can burn and produce hydrogen chloride (HCl), which condenses and leaves significant corrosion on metal surfaces within a few hours. World Construction will decontaminate the area, make decontamination recommendations, and begin the meticulous removal of hazardous chemicals, soot, and corrosion.
Even technical equipment, replacement parts, and tools that appeared to have survived the fire or water damage on board without problems may have been affected by corrosive or toxic materials because the speed of corrosion is exacerbated by salty sea air. The quickest and most effective ways to completely clean and de-rust them are mobile ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

Electronics - Switch On Fast Again!

Control cabinets and electrical systems, such as those in the engine room and on the bridge, are some of the most delicate and occasionally most expensive components aboard a ship. World Construction employs cleaning methods that are particularly delicate for the restoration of electrical components.
  • Dry selective process
  • Wet selective process
  • Generator cleaning

Sail In Calm Waters When Disaster Strikes

Everything from engine and control system cleaning to biohazard removal and disinfection. World Construction is your go-to associate for maritime rehabilitation.
Whether on land or in the water, World Construction is equipped to restore operation to your maritime and offshore business. For assistance, call World Construction at (360) 830-8942 (address provided below).


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