Water Removal Services

Water Removal Services

If water damage is not swiftly and effectively repaired, it can result in a variety of problems, major structural issues, and property damage. Quick and efficient intervention can slow down the property’s rapid degeneration.

You may have peace of mind knowing that your property is receiving the greatest care possible thanks to World Construction’s skilled water removal services, which are among the best in the industry. World Construction will make sure water damage to your property is minimized as quickly as possible and will soon be restored to its pre-water damage state using professional water drying equipment.

Why Do I Need A Water Removal Service?

It can be tempting to attempt to handle the water removal and cleanup process on your own after your property has had flood damage. However, this can result in additional issues if the right tools and expertise are not available. The scientific procedure of structural drying necessitates expert water damage training and the usage of specialist equipment. In order to help ensure a complete recovery for your property, it is crucial that you contact a professional water removal service right away.

Some professionals and publications can assert that your property can be fixed quickly. This entails a danger because any leftover water after the water extraction procedure is finished might still harm a building if left untreated. Carpet can take up to 24 hours or longer to dry, even with the right drying equipment in place. It can take 1-3 days to dry out moderately moist drywall. Drying times for hardwood flooring, plaster, concrete, and wood range from 7 to 10 days. Contractors and insurance claims specialists who guarantee that structures would dry in three days are disregarding scientific standards.

World Construction's Professional Water Removal Services

Why opt for skilled water removal services from World Construction? Professional water damage repair is always performed in accordance with IICRC S500 industry standards by World Construction water damage professionals, who have received extensive training in psychrometrics, the science of drying. Any flood preparedness strategy must consider who the appropriate persons are to do your water removal work.

Our water damage restoration techniques include:

Source Elimination

Finding the source of the water and making sure it is entirely stopped is the first stage in any water removal procedure.

Identifying Type and Extent of Damage

We will assess the structure to determine the kind, location, and amount of any damage.

Evaluating The Loss

The review stage entails determining what should remain and what should be removed based on the kind of water (Category 1, 2, or 3), level of contamination, and assessment results. The following categories of water can be distinguished:

Category 1 – This comes from a hygienic source, such as busted water supply lines, uncontaminated tub or sink overflow, or falling precipitation.

Category 2 – This water type has a large amount of contamination from sources such dishwasher or washing machine overflows or discharges, toilet bowl overflows (some urine, no feces), or broken aquariums.

Category 3 – Sewage, waste line backup, or floods from saltwater, rivers, and streams are sources of this severely contaminated event that may also contain infections, poisons, or other dangerous chemicals.

Water Removal

It’s critical to start extracting water as soon as the situation has been evaluated. Standing water is eliminated through extraction, and any excess moisture is eliminated through evaporation.


Effective drying must be completed as soon as feasible once the water has been removed. The materials (carpet, drywall, and contents) as well as the environment (structure/area) must be dried out.

Antimicrobial Application

Depending on the level and risk of contamination, this isn’t always necessary but can be employed in water damage situations.

Loss Mitigation

We’ll collaborate with you to reduce the likelihood that any such harm may come about in the future. Moving or lifting furniture and fastening or removing other items that can be harmed by prolonged exposure to excess moisture are a few examples of what this can entail.

By using these scientific procedures, World Construction can guarantee that your property has been fully cleaned and dried, lowering the possibility of any subsequent water-related issues.

Emergency Water Extraction From World Construction

Our professionals are skilled in looking for concealed water damage. It’s possible for water to flow through or collect in unexpected areas. If left unchecked, it can easily develop into future issues. Moisture inspections that involve: help to identify any wet materials.

  • Infrared Technology
  • Electronic Moisture Detection Instruments
  • Thermo-hygrometers

When determining what it will take to dry your property, we use a mathematical formula based on many different variables including:

  • Impacted square footage?
  • Impacted cubic footage?
  • What is wet?
  • Are materials saturated or damp?
  • How many air exchanges are required?
  • How many air movers are required?

The largest selection of drying equipment in the business is also available from World Construction, including airmovers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, thermo-hygrometers, and more. We have a sizable fleet of semi-trailers that are placed strategically across the nation and are equipped with supplies and equipment for quick response.

Professional Dehumidifiers and Water Drying Equipment

Accurate and trustworthy statistics are essential. Technicians carefully assess the amount of water damage and the moisture content using moisture meters with proprietary software. We continuously track and record the drying procedure until ideal drying conditions are reached. This indicates that a key component of our water extraction and drying process is the use of specialized water drying equipment.

As a general contractor, we can choose the best options for our clients because of our expertise in both building and drying.

Professional Dehumidification Services

By removing moisture from the air, dehumidification guards against additional water damage caused by condensation. World Construction uses high-tech dehumidification machinery. This enables us to generate efficient drying outcomes while removing environmental problems.

Once more, attempted water removal at home does not guarantee that all water will be successfully removed from the property, even if you use professional or commercial dehumidifiers. The only way to ensure complete water removal is to have a professionally trained team do the work, like those from World Construction.

Quick and efficient extraction and drying are crucial after water damage to your property. The moment water enters the building, time begins to run out, so it’s critical that you contact a World Construction emergency water extraction service right once.


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