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Ultrasonic Cleaner and Cleaning Services

Machinery damage might result in a significant financial loss for a company. For a firm, replacing machinery parts can be expensive and result in downtime when a machine is not in use. You should make sure that machine parts are swiftly cleaned and decontaminated if this happens because any exposure to water, smoke, or other toxins can cause havoc on them. If you want to quickly, completely, and successfully clean machine parts, a professional ultrasonic cleaner service is a necessity.

What Is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

All traces of pollution from machinery or other industrial equipment are entirely eliminated by the ultrasonic parts cleaning procedure. Dust, grime, oil, pigments, polishing compounds, flux agents, soot, and any other substance that is challenging to remove from equipment through routine cleaning are examples of these contaminants.
Ultrasonic cleaning offers a practical substitute for completely replacing equipment or parts, eventually saving your company time and money. A quick and highly efficient process for de-rusting and cleaning machinery parts, stock (including injection molding, tools, and gear parts), and semi-finished goods is provided by World Construction’s ultrasonic cleaning service.
With the ability to be mobile, World Construction’s industrial-sized ultrasonic cleaning dip lines may be employed on-site in most outside industrial sites. This means that by removing the need for you to move equipment and parts, our ultrasonic parts cleaning may save you valuable recovery time and ensure that your regular company activities can be resumed much more quickly.

How Does An Ultrasonic Cleaner Work?

A particular type of cleaning called ultrasonic cleaning is excellent for clearing contaminants from machine parts. Usually, regular cleaning simply cleans a material’s surface of impurities. Ultrasonic cleaning might be useful when it comes to complicated or delicate parts because it can be challenging to properly clean and disinfect each crevice or nook by hand. For some types of light cleaning, an ultrasonic cleaner can be used with simply plain water, but in the industrial setting, a specific ultrasonic solution is frequently used to maximize the result.
Ultrasonic cleaners create cavitation by agitating fluid with high-frequency sound waves. This creates energetic bubble movement that can fully penetrate blind holes, fractures, and recesses. At World Construction, we use specialist ultrasonic cleaning solutions in conjunction with our ultrasonic cleaners. In a way that conventional cleaner with regular water would not, this enables us to completely eliminate any remnants of contamination that may be attached to or stuck on a solid surface.
Due to its extreme thoroughness while being gentle, this cleaning technique is perfect for industrial equipment because it doesn’t further harm fragile components.

How We Use Ultrasonic Cleaning To Clean Contaminated Machinery

Our ultrasonic cleaning services at World Construction are the best in the business. Our qualified staff restores your equipment to excellent condition using a sophisticated ultrasonic cleaning procedure, saving you valuable time and money on machinery part replacement. Our method of ultrasonic cleaning entails:

BATH 1: Pre-cleaning and Hot Degreasing

Using ultrasonic and hot cleaning solutions, the initial phase of the service completely removes various types of surface contaminants.

BATH 2: Rinsing, Grease/Cleaning, Solution Removal

The second step involves rinsing the component to remove any remaining grease, debris, or cleaning agent. Cross-contamination during subsequent baths has to be avoided.

BATH 3: Corrosion Removal

Corrosion on machinery is fully eliminated in step three. A moderate, somewhat acidic compound de-ruster and an ultrasonic cleaner set at 130 F are used to do this. Hardened or polished surfaces might be used for this phase.

BATH 4: Rinsing and Acid Neutralization

This bath rinses away any remaining acid and eliminates corrosion from machinery once the corrosion has been removed, getting the parts ready for the next procedure.

BATH 5: Water Displacement and Preservation

This bath rinses away any remaining acid and eliminates corrosion from machinery once the corrosion has been removed, getting the parts ready for the next procedure.

What Are The Advantages of World Construction Ultrasonic Cleaning Services?

  • Unmatched Effectiveness
  • Speed
  • Cost Savings
  • Reduced Downtimes
  • Efficient removal of contamination within cavities
  • Cleaning agents developed by World Construction specifically for ultrasonic cleaning services
  • A high-quality service tested and proven in a wide range of applications following fire and water damage.

By ensuring that your machinery is operating at full capacity and reducing costs associated with replacing parts, ultrasonic cleaning can benefit your business in a number of ways. Please get in touch with us or call our 24-hour hotline at (360) 830-8942 to learn how our staff can assist you.


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